Monday, December 21, 2009

holiday treats

S'nearly Christmas and I awoke this morning with a new resolve:  next year I'm going to throw a party featuring some stuff that is actually healthy.  Stuff that will feel like a treat, but that won't leave you groaning on overload and lumbering home like a cow.  Come to think of it, I went to a press reception at the Grand Del Mar the other night and they had exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about, stationed at intervals around their beautiful spa.  Small station with freshly made hummus and raw veggies.  Now that's healthy, right?  'Nother station with beautifully fresh sushi.  'Nother station with nuts and artisan cheeses.  (The way I figure, artisan cheeses don't count as calories, right?)  'Nother station with drinks and sparkling water (hellooo...this should be an automatic at every party...good water....not everyone wants to slosh around in the sauce).  And oops....a station with the real "goods" mousse, raspberry laced panna cotta, and good ol' chocolate chippers.   I'll add some kind of soup from the slow cooker, perhaps my new favorite, Asian Black Bean.  Yessir, next year'll be different.

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